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Jesse Grant-Diamond Honoree

Jesse Grant-Diamond Honoree

At seven years old, Jesse Grant declared his goal to become a student affairs professional. Now, forty years later, Dr. Grant shines as he fully lives out his passion for service, education, and access in student affairs and higher education. As the Dean of Students at Bemidji State University, Jesse focuses on those things that keep him going. “I do all I can to make sure college students make progress toward the degree and toward their life goals.” With professional experiences at several universities spanning institutional types, his work has contributed to areas including crisis management, multicultural affairs, student conduct, greek life, housing, academic success, student engagement, enrollment management, new student programs, peer mentoring, and dining services – to name a few! As a fervent educator, Dr. Grant regularly engages the Association, presenting at regional and national conventions and serving on commissions. Jesse is a mentor and role model for both students and professional colleagues. Congratulations to Dr. Jesse Grant for this esteemed honor!

Jesse Grant-Diamond Honoree
Diamond Honoree

About This Campaign

The Diamond Honoree Program, established by the Foundation in 1999 is both a recognition program and a fund raising activity. Those nominated for consideration are recognized for their outstanding and sustained contributions to higher education and to student affairs.

The funds raised on behalf of the Honorees are used for ACPA and Foundation activities in keeping with the Association’s purposes and strategic goals. Since its inception in 1999 the program has generated over $100,000.
  1. Jerome Holland, Jr.
    Jerome Holland, Jr. gave a donation
    Jesse I support you!
    3 days ago · Like
  2. Craig John Alimo
    Craig John Alimo gave a $26 donation
    Jesse is not only a model of perseverance, but a BEAUTIFUL treasure to our field and most deserving of this recognition.
    6 days ago · Like
  3. Niki Rudolph
    Niki Rudolph gave a donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Jesse Grant
    14 days ago · Like
  4. Debra Peterson
    Debra Peterson gave a $100 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: All those who try to make a positive difference
    17 days ago · Like
  5. William Huff
    William Huff gave a donation
    Yay Jesse!
    20 days ago · Like
  6. Fleurette King
    Fleurette King gave a $50 donation
    Dear Jesse, I am so proud of all of your accomplishments and contributions to the student affairs. I am honored to have known you for so long and be connected to an incredible human being. Sincerely, Flo
    21 days ago · Like
  7. Zauyah Waite
    Zauyah Waite gave a donation
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  8. Marjorie Grevious
    Marjorie Grevious gave a $106 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Dr. Jesse Grant
    So proud of you and your incredible work in the field of higher ed as a warrior on the front lines of social and racial justice
    22 days ago · Like
  9. Daniel Maxwell
    Daniel Maxwell gave a $100 donation
    Congratulations, Jesse. Proud of you and your accomplishments. Dan
    22 days ago · Like
  10. Trina Dobberstein
    Trina Dobberstein gave a donation
    Jesse--A great honor! Proud to have you on our SCU team!
    23 days ago · Like
  11. Tracy Davis
    Tracy Davis gave a $50 donation
    Congratulations on receiving this award, Jesse. This is a well-deserved recognition and I look forward to celebrating with you in Houston.
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  12. Phillip "Flapp" Cockrell
    Phillip "Flapp" Cockrell gave a $100 donation
    Congratulations Jesse! You inspire me. Best wishes.
    23 days ago · Like
  13. Shelia Burkhalter
    Shelia Burkhalter gave a $105 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Jesse Grant
    Jesse, congratulations on this honor! I am so proud of you!
    23 days ago · Like
  14. Glinda Rawls
    Glinda Rawls gave a donation
    Congratulations Dr Grant! For your contributions to student affairs, this is a well deserved recognition by ACPA.
    23 days ago · Like
  15. Benardo Dargan
    Benardo Dargan gave a $53 donation
    Congratulations Jesse! Proud of you and all the great work you have done on behalf of students and the profession!
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  16. Randy Westhoff
    Randy Westhoff gave a $52 donation
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  17. C Carney Strange
    C Carney Strange gave a donation
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