Commission for Social Justice Education

Commission for Social Justice Education

About This Campaign

The Commission for Social Justice Education is seeking to expand its fiscal resources outside of our annual budget requests to better support our membership and ACPA at large by being able to offer high impact programming and support that is aligned with our entity’s mission and values as well as ACPA’s Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization.

To achieve our goal of being able to expand our offerings we are proposing a general giving campaign with the goal of raising $2,020 (or more) by the year 2020. Proceeds from this campaign will go towards funding Commission priorities that include reestablishing the Social Justice Institute (SJI), providing scholarships for research and conference attendance, and funding for honorariums for webinar presenters.
ACPA Foundation

Campaign to Support ACPA Foundation

Founded in 1994 during the presidency of Charles Schroeder, the purpose of the ACPA Educational Leadership Foundation (501c3 non-profit organization) is “to enhance the student affairs profession and to generate and disseminate knowledge of college students at all levels within higher education” (Article Three of the Articles of Incorporation). The organization is now known as the ACPA Foundation to more concisely communicate its role as the fundraising arm of ACPA College Student Educators International.

The Mission - The ACPA Foundation exists to support the priorities and activities of ACPA by raising funds and developing resources that help the Association fulfill its mission. 

The Vision - The ACPA Foundation will develop sufficient assets to effectively and sustainably fund ACPA’s efforts to provide excellent professional development opportunities to members, advance knowledge in the field, and support the transformative effect of education in the lives of college students.

In order to fulfill its purpose and mission, the Foundation invites members and non-members alike to provide philanthropic support for ACPA's vital initiatives involving research, scholarship, professional development and leadership program.


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